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Default The Sims 4 Breeder Challenge (Requires Cats and Dogs expansion)
Hello! This is my first time making a challenge for the Sims, so if you find any holes or discrepancies, let me know! I haven't seen any challenges of this type so far (at least for TS4) so I'd figured I would make one.

Challenge Goal: Get $50,000 by breeding and selling puppies and/or kittens. For an extra challenge element, you can play to $100,000.

--Any money cheats/cheats that make the challenge easier (freerealestate, motherload, rosebud, etc.) Cheats that do not really benefit you such as resetsim are okay.
--Any unfair mods/custom content must be removed when doing the challenge. (This includes mods that increase the maximum amount of family members and pets, and so on.)
--You are not allowed to use the Age Down, Age Up and Ambrosia treats on your pets as this would give you an unfair advantage.
--Other sources of income (Jobs, businesses, painting, etc.) are not allowed. Your main and only source of income should be breeding and selling cats/dogs.
--Life span must be set on normal.

Getting Started: Create a Sim to be your main breeder. Age, gender, and traits don't matter (although traits such as Cat Lover or Dog Lover would be quite useful *nudge nudge*.) You must have at least 2 dogs or 2 cats (or both!) of the opposite sexes. Make sure to leave room in the household for future litters! The breed and appearances of the animals don't matter (to make it more interesting, perhaps you could breed only rainbow animals?). Next, you need to pick a house for you and your animals. Your breeder can live in any town and in any house, as long as it is accommodating for the animals and within the 20,000 Simoleons you are originally given. You can decorate it however you wish.

To breed your animals, first you must be at Friend level with both pets involved (breeding with strays is not encouraged because of this). From there, click "Encourage to Mate with..." and then select the animal you want your pet to mate with. You will have to wait 24 (in-game) hours to find out if your pet is pregnant. If they are, congrats! You will soon have a litter of puppies or kittens running around. If not, oh well! You can always try again. The wait time for a pet to give birth is much shorter than those for Sims, which will be very convenient for you in this challenge. Your cat/dog can have up to 1-3 offspring per litter. You can only sell animals when they are in the puppy/kitten stage, so don't wait too long to part with them. To do this, click on the phone and choose Household and Career. Click 'Hire a Service' and from there choose 'Sell Pet'. There is some variance in the prices you'll get, depending on how well-trained they were.

Sadly, there will come a time where your pets will get too old to keep breeding. In this case, you will need one of their children to continue the legacy. Once your pets hit the Elder age, pick your favorite from their latest litter. That will be their stand in. I would say you need to pick two of their children, but we ain't about that incest life here! You will then need to adopt a pet to be the next petriarch (or for a potential cost saving alternative, you could adopt a stray.). The same will happen with your Sim. Once your sim becomes an elder, it'll be in your best interests to have someone next in line. For example, my Sim adopted a child so she wouldn't have an extra person (spouse) taking up room in the household. You can do that, or your Sim can have a child biologically. Regardless, you will need someone to continue the work. Repeat this process as needed to reach your goal.

And there you go! Happy playing! If you have any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to ask! I will answer as soon as I can.
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I'm actually trying this challenge atm with a sim of mine who's an animal lover and loves cats and dogs. She has a couple of cats atm she's been breeding. I'll post pics later when I can, but so far it's been interesting. Her cats have had 3 litters already she's breed, each litter with only 2 kittens so far.
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What life span? Just asking. Mabey you can have altered price goals for different ages?
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Okay, So I tried to do this, but I just couldn't...
It made me too sad to put my first to kittens up for adoption.
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