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Default The Succubus Challenge
I piece parts of two challenges that I liked but found a little boring when I tried them (The Black Widow Challenge and Four Immortal Sisters). I call it the Succubus challenge, well, because black widow was already taken and it's somewhat mirrored after Charmed's version of the Succubus demon. Basically this challenge focuses on a woman who’s moved into town and her primary goals are to serve the dark master (Grim Reaper) by luring men into her trap and taking their money to enhance her Succubus lair/nest.

(Succubus Sally and her first daughter Jeanette look over the graveyard)

Rules to the Succubus Challenge (I think I covered everything)- Last Edited 6/3/2015

1. You can only talk to new men when your succubi are flirty or very flirty. If the men are boyfriends or is a husband, you are allowed to talk to them with any emotion.Your succubus can only talk to men who aren't boyfriends or husbands when in some variation of flirty. If in the middle of conversation, she goes to happy or sad or playful, you must delete the queue, go eat a flirty cookie, take a steamy shower or watch romance and try to pick up where you left off. (It's smart to stay stocked on flirty cookies and keep some in your succubi's inventory)

2. You must propose and marry before they can move in (merge their funds with yours), so there will be no live-in boyfriends

3. The guy doesn’t have to be a boyfriend or husband to impregnate you, but must be a husband in order to kill them and add them to the graveyard. Boyfriends must become husbands before you kill them. The grave yard will only be filled with husbands, Incubi/Succubi or roommates of husbands.

4. If your boyfriend has roommates, you must move them in when you get married (it’s the only way to get all their funds, but then you can kill them and add them to your grave count)

5. Game only ends when you have 100 graves (all have to have some flowers planted on them), a thriving & fashionable Succubi nest, $1,000,000 and a full romance meter with the Grim Reaper (the dark master). It may take several succubi generations to accomplish the goal. The oldest succubi is the one that has to have the full meter with the Grim Reaper.

6. Speaking of generations, when you have children, you’re only allowed to keep the girls who will turn into succubi as they age. Boys must immediately be terminated.

7. Speaking of Flowers, Plant roses on the graves of dead husbands, Chrysanthemums on the graves of roommates, and Snap Dragons on the graves of Succubi/Incubi that have passed.

8. You are allowed 1 incubus at a time, and may do away with him at any point. You do not have to have one. The incubus is not a male version of the succubus, but a male helper of the succubus. He may be a husband that you decided to spare or maybe even the only male you want your succubus to procreate with. He’s allowed to look after and take care of the baby succubi, cook for the household, repair things, do the gardening- practically anything you need, but he can not interact socially (meaning you can’t have him go meet people and lure them to the lot for you).

9. You must start with only 1 succubus, When you have multiples, you can do away with any Succubus in any way. You can just delete them from CAS, but you can't add to the graveyard. You can starve them, or use any mod to kill any of your succubi and add them to the graveyard. However, when the game ends, you need to have at least 2 full grown Succubi left in order for the nest to be considered "thriving." So, no, you cannot get to 98 graves and then try to kill your only two succubi left in order to end the game.

10. If the male you are seeking has a child in the family, he is untouchable and you must hunt elsewhere. (I don’t think you can kill children- I’m not sure about teens though- I didn’t make it that far- but either way, it wouldn't be right to kill the kids and you can't adopt them to make them succubi). However, you can marry someone and move their parents in, with you guys and kill them (permitted you have enough available slots)

11. The only kill option is starvation in the cellar. When you have your kill, you lure them into the back, wrap a wall around them and wait the three days it takes for them to die. If someone (who is not a succubi, incubi or husband) dies of another way that doesn’t include starvation in the cellar, that grave does not count. (So say you marry a guy and move his mother in, if she dies of old age and not starvation, it doesn't count)

12. A. You can not leave the lot and talk to men. There will be times (the mini mission of having to find the flower seeds for to plant on the graves) that you can leave the lot, but when you do, you cannot talk to any men (including boyfriends or husband). If you see them out, avoid them. In order to talk to them, you must be on your lot and men have to be in the vicinity (you can call them over and invite them to hang out at your lot).

12. B. If you leave the lot, you must take all of your succubi with you (no children, incubi or babies- needless to say, you might only want to leave the lot if you don't currently infant). Also, be wise about when you leave the lot because if you leave the lot when you’re waiting for someone to starve, their meter will fill back up when you come back and the starvation process starts all over again.

12. C. If you leave the lot, you are allowed to take your teen succubi, but they still are not allowed to talk to any men. You do not have to take them, if you don't want to.

13. All succubi will have the same three traits. Starting with Evil, Romantic and (Skanky if you have that mod installed, if not, do Outgoing) Daughters will get the Evil trait as child, romantic as a teen and skanky or outgoing when they become a young adult and are fully allowed to participate in the challenge.

14. Your succubi are not allowed to have a job. Your incubus may have one, but you are not allowed to play as him outside of doing home duties. This means you can’t help him get promotions. Your succubus, however, is allowed to write books, paint paintings, harvest and sell crops and hack other institutions to get funds but no formal job.

15. You might want to do all of your hunting while your incubus is at home to watch the child because if the child is taken by Sims Protective Services, you are not allowed to get that future succubus back.

16 A. (I just ran into this situation), You can swap out members of the Succubus Household (Your incubus and mini succubi) to make room for members of the new husband's household. Once they have passed, you can move your Incubi back home.Grown and full fledged succubi are not allowed to be swapped out (you need to be able to make sure they only communicate when flirty or very flirty). However, If you desperately need the space, you are allowed to keep your husband in the separate household until his family dies in the cellar. (Keep in mind, this prolongs the husband's death, which prolongs the speed in which you can get married again) Once they have passed or there is enough room, move him in and kill him dead!

16 B. When I say swap out, I mean move your incubi or children into the household your new husband and family are coming from. No, you cannot move your incubi and children into a brand new home because when they return, they will have brought funds that you didn't earn.

17. One of my friends asked me... Your incubus is either a husband or an ex-husband. If he's a husband, you can't get married again, however you can divorce him and allow him to stay on the lot. He cannot be a boyfriend or a son (males that aren't husbands or ex-husbands aren't allowed to live on the lot, and sons must be terminated. No "baby daddies either").

18. If you want, I guess you can release the ghosts spirits, but I think it's better to leave them roaming the land. They add to the fact that your succubi nest is a supernatural beacon, plus they disrupt things and give you things to do or repair in the middle of the night.

19 A. You are only allowed to invite Boyfriends or husband to your lot. If they are not a boyfriend yet, you must wait until he appears on the lot again.

19 B.If a new male calls you to come over, you can allow him, but must be flirty in order to talk to him.

19 C. If while your husband is trapped and someone your succubus doesn't know calls him to hang out, you can intercept the call and let them hang out at your lot. However, you still must be flirty in order to talk to them.

Any other questions? Ask and I'll update the rules.
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This is awesome! I'll probably play it when I have the chance
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Awesome, I hope you enjoy as much as I have. I'm still playing...

These aren't the most recent pics of the graveyard, but they show some progress.The gardening portion of the challenge is starting to become quite the task. Sally had 4 daughters, and these are the two oldest (Jeanette and Denise). They're both full grown succubi, and the other two are teens. I actually ended up killing Sally off because she couldn't get married again (If you use the locked doors mod to to lock your victims in, make sure the Grimm Reaper can get in. If he can't, you won't get the dying animation, and while you'll collect the grave, it'll show your succubus as still married to him). And since I had so many succubi, I decided to go ahead and just get rid of her. People you want to aim for are that Landgraab kid and Alexander Goth once they get older (Jeanette got the Landgraab kid and he brought in almost $100,000, but the Goth kid is elusive, he won't come around our lot lol).

Currently at 18 graves, $390,000-
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Wow this looks like a awesome challenge
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This is awesome!! I just started this and it is proving to be more challenging that I thought at first glance. Great challenge!!
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The trick is to go hunting for as many men as you can when she's flirty to build up the romance meter, ask them to be boyfriends, and then worry about the friend meter when she's having a hard time staying flirty (i.e. after she's been widowed)
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I don't know if anyone's still playing, or if anyone ever even started playing for that matter. I actually just started playing it again, myself (spent some time building in Newcrest).

Currently at 33 graves, 3 full grown Succubi, 1 teen succubus, $544,000. I have 4 people (roommates) waiting to die in the chamber and 2 of my succubi still have husbands that I need to move in and kill once those roommates die.

Finally nailedd Alexander Goth. Cassandra is one of the roommates waiting to die, while I haven't moved Alexander in yet. Bella and Mortimer are dead.
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Wanted to wake this post up! I am starting this challenge tonight and Im very excited!!!!
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Thanks for bumping! Definitely trying this one out.
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Hey, I've recently just started this challenge - it's actually so much fun XD - and I do have a few questions to ask because I wasn't sure:

1. Does my graveyard have to be on the same lot as my lair, or is there an option to put it elsewhere (i.e. the lot next to me)? My ghosts can cause an issue but usually they don't break too much stuff (they're actually really nice, cleaning up and stuff lol). The biggest issue is that everyone keeps mourning at the graves and being sad all the time.
2. How can I kill boy kids immediately? Should I just leave him in the basement/cellar with my victims? I had a thought to just abandon him to random families, but that's not exactly "terminating" them.
3. Regarding 12B and 12C; if I leave my lot to go flower searching, I have to bring my succubi offspring with me. Does that mean I need to bring the fully grown ones and the others are optional?
4. Is the option to attempt at marrying an already married male NPC available? Or would it be suggested to just leave them alone because it's difficult to lure them and instead go after their sons?
5. Can I speed up the aging of my succubi? or do I need to let them grow up in normal Sim time?

That's it, but if I have any more, I'll probably make another post
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